BitchTapes: You're Endlessly Brave

At its best, life is full and connected. At its worst, life is tattered, broken, a place we want to leave. Often we forget that we’re wonderful. In our unseen bones, in our hole-y sweater. Today, own it. Face the mirror and say, “I’m real.” Know you’re here. Concave with grief, convex with gratitude, whatever you are. These are songs of encouragement toward our inherent wholeness, sonic trapeze lessons on catching the ache, and letting go.

I Meant to Tell You, You’re Endlessly Brave from BitchTapes on 8tracks Radio.


Track List: 

1. “Don’t Give Up” LAKE

2. “Train to Win” Huge Face

3. “Honest” (ATO Session) Joseph

4. “Stonemilker” Bjork

5. “Real” Kendrick Lamar (ft. Anna Wise) 

6. “Shallow Tears” Light Asylum

7. “Fire” Home Body

8. “Pennies, Rice”  And the Kids

9. “If it’s Alive, it Will” Angel Olsen 

10. “Summer Friends” Chance the Rapper (ft. Jeremih, Francis, The Lights)

11. ” Cinnamon” Jome

12. “Entire” M-O

13. “Bubbles” Gracious Calamity

14. “World in My Hands” Saba (ft. Smino & LEGIT) 

Cover art by Daniel Benayun 

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by Shira Erlichman
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Shira Erlichman (musically known as SHIRA) is a writer, musician, visual artist, and mental health advocate living in Brooklyn. Her "genre-collapsing" new album 'Subtle Creature' drops August 16th. She is currently writing 720 odes to her daily medication, Lithium.

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