BitchTapes: Celebrating 20 Years of Destiny’s Child

Twenty years ago, Destiny’s Child with original members Beyoncé, Kelly, LaTavia, and LeToya released their 13-track debut album. It only peaked at number 67 on Billboard’s overall album chart, and critics panned it as a lot of the sameness that plagued other girl groups, but 20 years later, Destiny’s Child is definitively the best girl group of all time. Four albums later, Beyoncé, Kelly, Michelle, and LeToya have all embarked on successful solo careers, and significantly shifted how the music industry distributes albums and markets artists.

This BitchTape honors Destiny’s Child’s contributions to music by including both songs from their albums as well as solo records.

Track List:

1. Destiny’s Child featuring Wyclef Jean - “No, No, No Pt. 2”

2. Destiny’s Child - “Bills, Bills, Bills”

3. Destiny’s Child - “Say My Name”

4. Nelly featuring Kelly Rowland - “Dilemma”

5. Michelle Williams featuring Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland - “Say Yes”

6. Beyoncé featuring Jay-Z  - “Crazy In Love”

7. Destiny’s Child - “Jumpin’ Jumpin’”

8. LeToya - “Torn”

9. Kelly Rowland featuring Eve - “Like This”

10. Destiny’s Child featuring T.I. and Lil Wayne - “Soldier”

11. Kelly Rowland featuring Lil Wayne - “Motivation”

12. Destiny’s Child - “So Good”

13. Beyoncé - “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)”

14. Fantasia featuring Kelly Rowland and Missy Elliott - “Without Me”

15. Destiny’s Child - “Bug A Boo (H-Town Screwed Mix)”

16. Kelly Rowland featuring Big Sean - “Lay It On Me”

17. Michelle Williams - “We Break the Dawn”

18. Destiny’s Child - “Bootylicious”

19. Beyoncé - “Get Me Bodied (Extended Mix)”

20. Kelly Rowland - “Kisses Down Low”

21. Destiny’s Child featuring Missy Elliott - “Bootylicious (Rockwilder Remix)”

22. Beyoncé - “Freakum Dress”

23. Destiny’s Child - “Lose My Breath”

24. Beyoncé featuring Sean Paul - “Baby Boy”

25. Destiny’s Child- “Stand Up For Love”

26. Beyoncé featuring Bun B and Slim Thug - “Check On It”

27. Kelly Rowland - “Stole”

28. Beyoncé - “All I Could Do Was Try”

29. Destiny’s Child - “Girl”

30. Future and Kelly Rowland - “Neva End  (Remix)”

31. Beyoncé - “Love On Top”

32. Justin Timberlake featuring Beyoncé - “Until The End of Time (Remix)”

33. Destiny’s Child - “Love”

34. Beyoncé - “Irreplaceable”

35. Kelly Rowland - “Dirty Laundry”

36. Destiny’s Child - “Free”

37. LeToya - “Not Anymore”

38. Beyoncé - “If I Were a Boy”

39. Destiny’s Child - “Is She the Reason”

40. Kelly Rowland featuring Wiz Khalifa - “Gone”

41. Destiny’s Child - “Emotion”

42. Beyoncé - “Halo”

43. Destiny’s Child - “Cater 2 U”

44. Michelle Williams featuring Fantasia - “If We Had Your Eyes”

45. Destiny’s Child - “Survivor”

46. Kelly Rowland featuring Lil Wayne - “ICE”

47. Beyoncé featuring Nicki Minaj - “Flawless Remix”

48.  Alicia Keys featuring Beyoncé - “Put It In a Love Song”

49. Beyoncé featuring André 3000 - “Party”

50. Destiny’s Child - “Independent Women, Pt. 1”

by Evette Dionne
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