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This year Bitch went bicoastal. Bitch HQ is in Portland, but now we also have staff in New York City, Los Angeles, and Ohio (tricoastal? Can we count Lake Erie as a coast?). Some of us work with headphones on, some of us work with music blaring in the background, and this BitchTape combines all our current faves.

This BitchTape spans riot grrrl to blues, pop to rap. We’ll be adding to the playlist in the future, so keep it in your queue to know what we’re jamming out to. Here’s what we’re listening to from coast to coast.

by Dahlia Balcazar
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Dahlia Balcazar was a senior editor at Bitch Media, the co-host of the podcast Backtalk, and the host of the live show Feminist Snack Break. She’s passionate about horror films, ’90s music, girl gangs, and Shirley Jackson. You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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