Carrie Fisher Turns the Tables During a Hilarious “Star Wars” Interview

Carrie Fisher stars as General Leia in the film Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

No critics have seen the new Star Wars movie yet, but the cast still has to make the rounds to promote the film. In an interview on Good Morning America today, Carrie Fisher was clearly poking fun at the tediousness of answering questions about her role as General Leia in the much-hyped film. After all, she’s been portraying Leia for 40 years and represented Star Wars at myriad conventions and public events—what else is there to say? Fisher certainly found some gems. 

The first sign that Fisher is going to conduct the interview with a sardonic sense of humor is the fact that she brought along her dog, Gary, to be interviewed with her. Just look at Gary. “His tongue matches my sweater,” quips Fisher. 

Host Amy Robach starts out the interview with the usual pleasantry, “Carrie, thank you for being with us.” But instead of the standard reply, Fisher cuts to the chase, “Look, I wouldn’t be anywhere else at this hour except on TV.” 

After showing some clips from the film, Robach asks, “Now, I understand that George Lucas personally asked you the come back. Did it take some convincing?”

“No,” replies Fisher immediately. “I’m a female in Hollywood over the age of let's say 40. We could also say 50. We could say it. Not with real conviction. Or excitement. People don't have to ask you if you want to work at that age. You'll see some day.” 

Throughout the interview, you can hear the studio crew laughing in the background. Especially when Fisher turns the interview around on Robach when the host starts to asks about her body. 

“You actually physically transformed for this role,” says Robach. 

“Yes, I did lose weight. And I think it's a stupid conversation,” says Fisher. 

“We'll move on,” says Robach.

“Not with you. I mean, it's good,” replies Fisher. “Normally, I wouldn't talk about it with someone else. You're so thin. Let's talk about that. How do you keep it going on? Do you exercise? Is it boring? What music makes it worthwhile?” 

You have to imagine that after decades in the limelight, Fisher is tired of being asked about how much she weighs instead of about the talent she brings to her roles. 

Watch the whole interview below. 

by Sarah Mirk
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Underrated Actress!!

Underrated Actress, we need to appreciate for her hard work in Star wars... !!

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