Community Focus: Popaganda's New Host, Soleil Ho!

Soleil Ho
This article was published in Travel Issue #79 | Summer 2018

We’re here to tell you that healthy one-sided relationships do exist, and you probably take part in them every day. We’re talking about the relationships you have with your favorite podcast hosts, of course! They join you while you’re making dinner, accompany you on your commute, and cozy up to you during those long, lonely winter nights—even if they rarely make space for you to chime in.

At Bitch, we get notes all the time from listeners who consider Backtalk’s Amy Lam and Dahlia Grossman-Heinze to be the best (and chattiest!) companions a feminist could ever have. But everyone needs that one friend who’s willing to dig deeper and ask questions that really, really make you think. Enter our new Popaganda host, Soleil Ho, who you may already know from her celebrated podcast Racist Sandwich. You don’t know it yet, but she’s exactly who you need in your life. Here’s a chance to get to know your new best friend!


Soleil, introducing other people can be weird because people pick the things they think everyone else should know about you. What do you think Popaganda listeners should know about you? I’m a total unrepentant nerd and, yes, kind of a killjoy? I love talking about the wrinkles in things we hold to be “self-evident,” and I’m always one to ask, “But what about X? What changes in our reasoning if we consider Y?” That’s a part of myself that can be really annoying to debate one-on-one, but I find that it makes for very interesting podcasts!

How’d you get into podcasting? I started podcasting with Racist Sandwich, and I seriously had no idea how to do it when we began. We just had our core idea—discussing race and the food world—and some free studio time to pursue it. After doing it for about two years now, I feel like I’ve learned so much about the craft and my own self as well. Since I have a bit of social anxiety, it was really strange to inhabit this podcast persona and expose a side of my personality that only a few people in my life were able to see at the time. It’s really a lot like acting!

Are there any podcast hosts who you consider to be your secret best friends? If you could start a weekly podcast with anyone in the world, on any topic, who would you choose and what would it be? Cameron Esposito is my podcast wife, and we are very happy together (in my head). In a perfect world, I would have a podcast where Rebecca Sugar and I just sing covers of classic Broadway songs for a half hour.

What’s one thing you wish you could know about Popaganda listeners? Whose voices haven’t you heard much in feminist-aligned media that you’d like to hear? Email your answer to I’d love to read your thoughts!

What can listeners look forward to exploring on Popaganda this year? Oh man, everything! I am so excited to tease out the complicated, brilliant aspects of concepts that have really grabbed me recently: antifashion, romance novels, and way more—all seen through a lens that is stubbornly feminist and dedicated to intersectionality as an assumption rather than an affect.

Popaganda: The Feminist Response to Pop Culture Podcast airs on first and third Thursdays of the month. Start listening today on iTunes, or wherever you get your podcasts. If you need even more Soleil in your life, follow her on Twitter @hooleil.

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