Feminist Snack BreakFeeling Some Ambient Anxiety? ME TOO.

I’m changing up the recipe for Feminist Snack Break this week!

1/4 Snacks

Chocolate-chip cookies for me; dental treats for Howard!

1/4 Politics

I watched Megyn Kelly’s terrible show all last week so I could tell you how bad it is! (It’s very bad.) And yesterday, Megyn cut off Tom Brokaw while he was speaking out against the NRA.

1/4 Personal & Pop Culture

October is Mental Health Awareness Month, and I talked a little bit about what I do when I’m feeling anxious or depressed. There’s a lot of ambient anxiety going around, and if you’re feeling it, here’s some of what I do when I feel it:

  • Call friends & family. Do a “walk and talk”! Call a friend and walk for a few blocks. Even ten minutes with a bestie always makes me feel better.
  • Watch or listen to programs that make you feel comfortable and calm. My screen go-to’s are The L-Word, Sex & The City, and The Birdcage, and I have some streaming apps on my phone so that I can listen to those shows in a pinch, too. I also listen to podcasts, music, or audio books when I drive, do chores, or work.
  • Make things easy for yourself wherever you can. When I am feeling my worst, the idea of figuring out what to eat for dinner seems daunting and pointless because when I feel really anxious, I feel like I can’t eat anything anyway. But that’s bad because my body needs food and water and not having them only makes my anxiety worse. When I’m feeling anxious or depressed, I try to make it as easy as possible to feed my body. That means take-out, pizza, snacks, hot chocolate, water, and tea. Snacks!
  • If you have a cat friend (or a dog friend, or a hamster friend, or a bird friend), hang out with them! If you don’t, maybe your friends do. Take a dog for a walk. Have a cuddle with a kitty.
  • I keep a bookmarked file of happy web videos that I love, like these two below.


1/4 Howard

Should Howard be judged based only on his on-screen behavior or can he also be demoted based on his personal behavior? I ask because Howard was a good boy during last week’s show, and is acting very calm and chill right now, but this morning at around four, he was running around screaming and being very disruptive and rude. Should be be demoted for that? For now, he’s keeping his title of senior cat correspondent for this week. Congrats, Howard!

Also, what should Howard and I be for Halloween?

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