The First Indigenous Comic-Con is Happening This Year

Geek culture can be full of know-it-all gatekeepers who make the worlds of comics, games, and cosplay feel unwelcoming to some groups. So it’s exciting to hear that country’s first-ever Indigenous Comic-Con is slated to happen this November in Albuquerque.

Co-hosted by Native Realities Press and the National Hispanic Cultural Center, the convention over the weekend of November 18 will highlight Indigenous pop culture. On the docket: Indigenous illustrators, writers, designers, actors, and media-makers who work on comics, games, sci-fi and fantasy books, and in film and TV. “In this nerd pop culture era we live in, especially for Native folks, we're marginalized in those spaces. Specifically, we're historicized, seen as artifacts or relics or we don't even exist,” Dr. Lee Francis IV, the publisher of Native Realities Press, told Native Peoples magazine.  “But it's also something internally for us. It's a place for us. A place where we can nerd out. A place we don't usually get to exist within. This event is built as a safe space for Indigenous people and the content we create.”

So far, the confirmed guests for the Indigenous Comic-Con include Arigon Starr, the creator of the comics series and radio show Super Indian. As Starr explains on her website, the idea for Super Indian came out of a conversation around the need for an Indigenous superhero in pop culture. “I’ve always thought our Native community didn’t have enough comic book heroes and most of the ones that were already out there weren’t created or drawn by Native artists or writers.” Another confirmed featured artist is Jeffrey Veregge, whose work graces Marvel’s Red Wolf series.

While Indigenous Comic-Con specifically highlights Indigenous media-makers, anyone is welcome to attend. Tickets go on sale in May!

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by Sarah Mirk
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