Gift Guide: 10 Gifts for Your Feminist Kid That Support Independent Voices

Now more than ever, empowerment slogans are being used by big brands to sell stuff to kids and—ahem—the people who care about them. News flash: Big brands don’t care if your teenage girl becomes a scientist—they just want you to buy her a shirt that says she’s capable of acing organic chem! I’m here to tell you that you can actually buy feminist gifts for your kid (or any kid!) and also support independent makers that share your values at the same time. And if you can, you should! That’s what this gift guide is all about. Here are ten perfect feminist gifts you can buy while simultaneously supporting independent voices.

1. This Safe Space pencil case from Autostraddle.

First of all, if your kid doesn’t have a pen and pencil collection, it’s time to start one. Secondly, this case does triple-duty: It brodcasts the message that your kid is all about creating a space space for folks, it literally keeps pens and pencils safe, and when you buy it, your cash goes straight towards supporting independent and super-smart Autostraddle.

2. Rookie Yearbook Four, amiright?! (Probably you were already thinking about this one.) 


Rookie Magazine, founded by Tavi Gevinson, is an independent online American magazine for teenage girls. Every year, Rookie publishes a yearbook packed with interviews, collages, photos, editorials, and more. It makes the perfect gift for your fashion-forward creative kid. And yep, your dollars support independent media!

3. This tank-top from Blavity!

Just over two years ago, Morgan DeBaun created Blavity, a media outlet and tech company for forward thinking Black millennials pushing the boundaries of culture and the status quo. Get this tank-top from the Blavity store. Your dollars are a vote for their fresh independent voice: Need I say more about how well this tank will go over?

4. A subscription to She Shreds: The magazine dedicated to women guitarists and bassists. 

Boy bands are out. Shredding teenage girls are in! Get a subscription to She Shreds for the budding musician in your life. Founded by Fabi Renya in 2011, She Shreds strives to change the way women guitarists and bassists are depicted and presented in the music industry and popular culture by creating a platform where people can listen, see and experience what it means to be a woman who shreds. Gift a subscription! Support She Shreds

5. This Rad Women Pack from our very own BitchMart!

Rad Women Pack

Get this pack! Give it to someone who needs a little more feminist flair in their life. Or just keep it for yourself.  And do I have to even say it? Bitch is an independent feminist media outlet—get this pack and support our work!

6. In the Company of Women by Design*Sponge founder Grace Bonney

We all need encouragement from time to time, and In The Company of Women will give anyone—kids included—100 moments of advice and inspiration from folks who approach their work from many different perspectives and backgrounds. Its author, Grace Bonney, is the founder of Design*Sponge, an independent design blog. Give this book and spread the good words of the women within its pages!

7. This cool Cameron Esposito Same Sex Symbol t-shirt

You know what’s cool? Edgy t-shirts. And even if this one is kind of only edgy because it has a lightening bolt and the word “sex” on it, your kid should know who Cameron Esposito is. Why? She’s making some of the most hilarious, honest, and important comedy out there, and for the most part, your teenage kid could listen in and love it. Cameron is contracted with Kill Rock Stars, the independent record label that also brought Bikini Kill to this world, and gifting this nifty t-shirt supports her work, and their label. Get it!

8. Sometimes A Spoon Runs Away with Another Spoon Coloring Book by Jacinta Bunnell

I don’t even care if you think that coloring books have already jumped the shark, because Sometimes the Spoon, created by coloring book extraordinaire Jacinta Bunnell, “pushes beyond rigid gender expectations while coloring fantastic beasts who like pretty jewelry and princesses who build rocket ships.” Get it from Microcosm, an independent press in Portland, Oregon

9. This Be Your Best You Hat, made by the Rapione twins!

When Megan Rapinoe isn’t busy scoring international goals with the U.S. Women’s National Soccer team or standing up to FIFA’s dangerously unfair turf-for-women real-grass-for-men Wold Cup playing field policies, she’s spinning out amazing hats, t-shirts, and other swag with her twin sister Rachel. Support athletes who are outspoken and Be Your Best You with this fly flatbrim!
10. Wrap it all in this Queer Woodlands wrapping paper

Ok, you caught me. This totally isn’t a gift—it’s just paper you can wrap everything in—and it’s also another product that supports Autostraddle. But seriously, have you ever seen wrapping paper that’s this cute and this queer before? I rest my case.

Kate Lesniak is the publisher at Bitch Media.

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