Gift Guide: Presents for Cat Ladies

This month, we’re putting together a series of feminist gift guides. They're a way to highlight fun stuff we love and creators we're excited to support. 

Face it: We all have a cat lady or two in our lives—or we are one ourselves (no shame). When thinking of gifts for these lovers of felines, we are definitely not without options. But what if you want to go beyond yet another cat-printed coffee mug you bought at Walgreens? Well, you’re in luck! Here are a few gift ideas for the bona fide cat lady in your life.

1. An insightful and educational zine for the tough parts of life

Just in time for the holidays, Autostraddle released the fourth issue of their “Better Together” zine, and the issue is ALL. ABOUT. CATS. The zine includes advice (like how to celebrate Pride with your cat), a “Songs From Your Cat’s Point of View” playlist, a set of hand-drawn stickers by the artist Yao Xiao, and more. Alternatively, if your friend’s cat is getting to be a certain age, I’d highly recommend a copy of How to Talk to Your Cat About Abstinence. Finally, don’t forget the two other important conversations your cat lover will soon be facing: how to talk to your cat about evolution and about gun safety.

2. Happy Hanukcat sweater

When in doubt, go for a cat pun. Cat ladies love puns, and a pun about cats is an instant home run. This sweater says, “I want you to stay warm at your family Hanukkah party, because I think so paw-ndly of you.” You can also go the simple and inexpensive route with a Meowy Christmas card that your friend will surely keep on their refrigerator all year long.

3. Stationery to write love letters to your cat

Help your friend be productive without losing sight of the furry creature that makes it all worthwhile. I love Susie Ghahremani’s paper goods because do you SEE the cats’ little BOWTIES? Or, if you opt for a notepad, your friend can write love letters to their cat. I mean, they probably already do this, but now it's so much cuter.

4. “100 Reasons to Panic About Being a Cat Lady” journal

If you think your friend’s obsession might be going too far, this gift is a cat-tastic way to start hinting towards an intervention. As they journal along about how their cat is the only one who understands them, they'll see yet another reason to panic printed on each page. They’ll be admitting they have a problem in no time.

5. Tattly temporary cat-too
These hand-designed temporary tattoos are the perfect stepping stone for a friend who is working up the nerve to ink their feline love on their body forever. If you really want to test your friendship, get them a different animal, like a hawk. If they forgive you for not giving them a cat tat, you’ll be friends forever.  

6. A cat-ified self portrait

The person you are buying a gift for is basically half cat already, and now you can ask brilliant illustrator Sophie Argetsinger to create a visual representation of what you already know to be true. Send Sophie a message through her Etsy shop and she will create a watercolor portrait of your friend as an animal of your choice (which, obviously, will be a cat).

7. BONUS! Fund Abortion Meow Shirt

Our Twitter friend @WentRogue read this list and suggested this addition: A Fund Abortion Meow shirt from the Texas Equal Access Fund. The shirt raises money to support abortion access in Texas. 

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by Grace Manger
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Grace Manger is Bitch’s New Media intern and a recent graduate of Kalamazoo College. She likes writing letters, trampolines, the Internet, and fractals. Follow her on Twitter @gracemanger.

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