Bitch in a BoxGifts That Support Women of Color

Still wondering what to give your friend? From shirts and shoes to undies and nail decals, these gorgeous gifts are made by and support women of color. Get shopping!

1. Say “back the fuck up” in style

Last summer, three young intersectional feminists in the San Francisco Bay Area started selling their artwork as The Artivists, with all of the proceeds going to organizations such as the American Civil Liberties Union, Black Lives Matter, the Southern Poverty Law Center, and Planned Parenthood. They hope you’ll use their art as a medium of protesting against Donald Trump.

(Redbubble, $2.75)


2. Be like Frank Ocean

Frank OceanYou may know the “WHY BE RACIST” shirt as the Frank Ocean Shirt. By wearing it, he was helping to represent Green Box Shop, a company started by an Afro-Latina bisexual teenager. Their fair-trade cotton shirts feature slogans that will make you feel louder and stronger. Other products include infused bottles for holding “white tears” and “boy tears,” so you can add some lemon zest to refresh that voice.

(Green Box Shop, $20.99)


3. Lounge in the nude

Nubian SkinThis year, Ade Hassan, founder of the inclusive underwear line Nubian Skin, was awarded an MBE, one of Britain’s highest honors given by the Queen. Nubian Skin is redefining nude because women of color “deserve their own nude.” Nubian Skin’s online shop offers a skin-tone guide to help you get the perfect match in lingerie, hosiery, and even shoes.

(Nubian Skin, $17.50)


4. Support Black-owned businesses

Ujamaa BoxEbony Costain started Ujamma Box to advocate for intentional spending and financial literacy within the Black community. The boxes support over 100 Black-owned businesses, and you can order from past boxes, too.

(Ujamma Box, $28)


5.  Remind them that you’re angry

Angry Asian GirlsLast year, a badass group of Asian and Pacific Islander American (APIA) femme and nonbinary individuals started creating safe spaces for APIA across the nation as a platform for art and words. Angry Asian Girls raises awareness and advocates for the empowerment of APIA through their art collective and social media. Their last project was REORIENT (ASIAN), an art show to reclaim their heritage.

(Angry Asian Girls, $25)


6. Don’t lift a finger

Ana Guajardo dedicates her business, Cha Cha Covers, to Latinas and women of color. Her mission is cultural preservation and dissemination through the imagery of Latinx and global cultures. She makes nail decals with designs inspired by la Virgen de Guadalupe and Mexican tin ornaments. Her online shop also includes a variety of other cultural references and designs, but she is mainly motivated to showcase the art and beauty of Chicanas and Mexicanas.

(Cha Cha Covers, $6)

by Lillyanne Pham
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Lillyanne Pham is a sophomore majoring in sociology at Reed College. Her career pursuit is in international news as an in-depth reporter. She is currently working as an Oregon certified Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Advocate and a Peer Career Adviser at Center of Life Beyond Reed. Most of her projects revolve around supporting and empowering low SES and POC students. Meanwhile, she coordinates Reed Open Mic Night every month and presents a spoken word series called Raised by Refugees.

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