Here's Why “Identity Politics” MatterAnd Why Media Keeps Getting It Wrong

Late last night, we got an alert that one of our articles was suddenly spiking in page views. After a few minutes of digging, we realized that the boost was coming from the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Facebook page: Specifically, they’d linked to an article Bitch published last week on the intersection of fat shaming and white supremacy.

The post garnered over 100 comments, 800 shares, and 3,200 likes in just a few hours.


This isn’t the first time that the Southern Poverty Law Center has shared our work, and it won’t be the last. But it illuminated something too often overlooked:

Media fuels movements. And it’s up to us to decide what ideas are the driving force. 

In fact, almost all of the Bitch articles that the SPLC shares have one thing in common: These are stories and communities that mainstream media wouldn’t have thought to look into or investigate. From the psychological impact of ICE raids on the Latinx community in Miami, to the examination of the way neo-Nazi rhetoric around Heather Heyer’s death betrays white supremacy’s obsession with thinness, these are the stories that the rest of the media world would toss aside as identity politics. 

An action-oriented organization like the SPLC doesn’t do what they do in a vacuum. Visibility, investigation, and momentum are all things that must precede that action—that’s where independent media comes in. And that’s where feminist media in particular has the power to change everything.

The SPLC’s reliance on outlets like Bitch to tell the stories that too often fall under the radar is just one reason why we’re independently funded. Both organizations are doing the work that others shy away from. 


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