From the HQWe've Got To Be Bold About Asking You

Know how many times we've pulled a piece because we were afraid a corporate advertiser would pull their funding?


There are two reasons for that:

1. We don't take corporate advertising dollars. We only accept support from businesses and organizations who share our mission and values. If it's not feminist, you won't hear about it from Bitch.​ That means i​intersectional feminism. Feminism that acknowledges how class, race, ​sexuality, and gender identity contribute to a lack of equity​. ​

2. Bitch is a nonprofit, independent media organization. That means that reader support determines what we're able to accomplish. It's a direct correlation.

For almost 20 years, our approach has worked, and we want to keep it that way.

Readers will never stumble across a thinly guised pitch from a company like Unilever aimed at reaching our “demographic” of smart, engaged feminists, or see a “guest post” about some new product that doesn't do anything but tell you how to live your life “better.”

That's never been Bitch. It never will be.

But in return, we've got to be bold about asking for your support when we need it:

That's why our campaign to raise $40,000 in reader funding by September 30 is something we need readers to take seriously. We don't ask often, but when we do, reaching our goal is non-negotiable. Our programming—Bitch magazine, Bitch on Campus, everything you read here at, and our podcasts—it's all funded by reader support.

We'd rather bite our nails for a few weeks while we push hard to reach our goal than ever sacrifice our values for corporate cash. We hope you feel the same way.

So please: Subscribe to Bitch on sale right now! Become a member and get Bitch magazine in print and digital as well as other benefits. Donate $10, 15, 25—whatever makes sense for you to pitch in.

What you decide to do MATTERS.

- The Bitch Media Crew

by Julie Falk
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Julie Falk has been the Executive Director of Bitch Media since 2009.

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