“I Had a Miscarriage.” A New Line of Cards Aims to Ease Hard Conversations

Miscarriage is common—but that doesn't make it easy to discuss. Up to 20 percent of pregnancies end in miscarriage, yet people rarely talk about the emotional and physical impact of miscarriage in mainstream conversation. It can be really hard to know what to say to friends and family members who experience miscarriage and it can be hard to tell people if you've had one yourself. 

Dr. Jessica Zucker has been trying to make conversations about miscarriage more mainstream. Last year, she launched the hashtag #IHadaMiscarriage as a place for people to share their stories of loss. Now, Dr. Zucker has made a new line of compassionate cards you can give to people who have lost a pregnancy. “This collection of cards aims to normalize the cultural conversation surrounding pregnancy loss even further,” says Dr. Zucker, via email. “My hope is that these cards provide the antidote to 'I just didn't know what to say.'” The hand-lettered cards also include one that's a “baby loss/stillbirth announcement” people can send out themselves. 

If you want to celebrate a friend's new baby, there are hundreds of Hallmark card options to choose from. It's nice to have an option now, too, for marking and remembering a pregnancy loss. You can see all the pregnancy loss cards here

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by Sarah Mirk
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