Introducing: The F.U.C.K. I.T.T. ListFeminists United to Combat Kakistocracy in Trump Times

Donald Trump is lying to us all and we’re sick of it.

The Trump administration has run a campaign of manipulation and misdirection, declaring all unflattering coverage fake, using official White House press conferences as pulpits for propaganda, and playing it so fast and loose with grammar that we’ve let words like “bigly” enter our everyday vocabulary. We’ve had enough.

In trying to formulate a plan for how Bitch Media could fight back, we turned to a handy old book we suspect Donnie is not so well acquainted with: the dictionary. In it, we found the word “kakistocracy,” defined as a “government by the worst people,” a state or country “run by the worst, least qualified, or most unscrupulous citizens.” How does one battle a kakistocracy, you ask? With feminism, humor, and a little knowhow.

We can’t stop Donald “I only talk about myself in the third person” Trump from lying, but we can render his lies less effective by drawing attention to how the head Cheeto and his minions use and abuse language to further their agenda. In a few days, Bitch Media will be releasing the first installment of our Feminists United to Combat Kakistocracy In Trump Times List to combat the Trumpification of our pop culture. The F.U.C.K. I.T.T. List, updated every last week of the month with analysis on a new batshit term from the Trump administration’s lexicon, will be an ongoing series on for thoughtful, rigorous, and feminist consideration of what 45’s distinct brand of propaganda really means and why it matters. We’ll decipher the language of his outrageous, compulsive lying, and explore the effects this administration is having on our language, our cultural references, and our understanding of our political selves.  

As a feminist media organization, everything we do is political. But as we all struggle to keep up  with each newly unveiled articulation of white supremacy that this garbage fire administration comes up with, our question remains: what can we do that others can’t? Bitch Media has taken great care to remain a completely independent media organization, but with that comes a responsibility and a continuous questioning of “but what does this actually mean?” Well, it means we can publish perspectives and voices that are actively being silenced by this administration without having to water them down for the sake of ad revenue or opinionated investors. It means we can say F.U.C.K. I.T.T. and do work that is intentionally subversive. We’re tired of watching corporate media center a man who already centers himself over the safety and basic dignity of the people he has taken an oath to protect. We are not here to normalize Donnie or report on his daily missteps. The question Bitch Media asks is this: How do we, as a feminist community, interpret the media that’s bombarding us? How do we do our part to remove the smokescreens and coded language and help our readers to see past the bullshit?

In addition to our monthly F.U.C.K. I.T.T. List here at, as part of our plan to support a community of feminist readers in resisting this coded language, Bitch Media’s speaking series, Bitch on Campus, can bring Bitch writers and editors to campuses and community spaces all over the country to discuss media literacy in the age of Trump and share strategies for resisting in thoughtful and even enjoyable ways. Alongside the opportunity for speakers to come to you, Bitch has also put together digital readers to help understand how everything from TV news to online search engines function and offer ways to both look at and respond to media encroachment.

Our hope is that, with our speakers program, our digital readers, and our monthly F.U.C.K. I.T.T. List, Bitch Media can support feminist readers in rallying against the ideology of fear being espoused by master orange and his administration. Every month, we’ll be tackling a new phrase from the liar-at-large’s lexicon and pulling back the veil to help our community stay critical and savvy of the media that surrounds us. Each entry will come with a snazzy graphic that we hope you’ll share faster than Fake News itself to spark media literacy conversations on your own social media channels or in your actual, physical, real life communities. Got ideas about what phrase you want to see us tackle next? Drop us a suggestion or comment at! We’re listening.

This space will serve as an ongoing reminder and a growing list of the ways Drumpf and this administration are manipulating language and optics to advance an agenda of xenophobia, misogyny, transphobia, racism, and white supremacy, and how we can learn to hear these dog whistles for what they are. This is a slow-burning resistance, and it will continue as long as this administration does.

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