37 Major Issues Ivanka and Donald Disagree On

In multiple interviews, Ivanka Trump has emphasized that though it appears that she agrees with everything her father does, she actually does disagree with him on major political issues all the time! Even if she hasn’t stood up to him, called him out, or questioned his hatemongering ways, she is dissenting all over the place! Here, she fills Ainsley Earhardt of Fox & Friends in on all that contention between Papa Trump and his favorite daughter.

Ainsley Earhardt: Thanks for joining us, Ivanka.

Ivanka Trump: I’m happy to be here.

Ainsley Earhardt: You are an adviser to the president of the United States. What do you advise your father on?

Ivanka Trump: I advise my father on a plethora of things. He trusts me to be very candid with my opinions. I don’t have a hidden agenda. I make it very clear where I stand on a certain issue, so I give him my open and candid feedback. Sometimes we agree. Sometimes we disagree.

Ainsley Earhardt: What do you disagree on?

Ivanka Trump: We’re different people, so there are areas where we disagree. I think it’s normal to not have 100 percent aligned viewpoints on every issue. I think that would be a very strange scenario and I don’t think anyone operates like that with a parent or within the context of an administration. I actually get asked this question often, so I’ve brought a list of 37 major issues that my father and I disagree on. These are issues that are deeply important to the American people.

Ainsley Earhardt: Wonderful! Can we see this list?

Ivanka Trump: Of course.

Ainsley Earhardt: Wow.

Ivanka Trump: You know Ainsley, in today’s world there’s an extreme emphasis on what you’re against. There are so many areas where there’s total alignment, and I’m more interested in being for something than against something. Naturally there are areas where there’s disagreement; we’re two different human beings. So I instead like to focus on areas where I can add positive value, where I can contribute to the agenda.

Ainsley Earhardt: Interesting. Which one of these issues are you going to be focusing on in the future?

Ivanka Trump: Well, I try to stay out of politics.

Ainsley Earhardt: But you have an office in the White House.

Ivanka Trump: I don’t profess to be a political savant, so I leave the politics to other people and really lean into the issues that I care deeply about.

Ainsley Earhardt: Right. Well, Ivanka, thank you for joining us.

Ivanka Trump: Thank you for having me! If you want to know where I got this dress, follow me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest!

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