New Music Monday: Dream Nails

We share new music from female-fronted bands every Monday. This week, say hello to Dream Nails

Dream Nails was formed last summer by four “feminist punk witches” who live in North London. The group released their debut EP, DIY, in April 2016—it’s a fast-moving punk album perfect for shouting along to. Last month, Dream Nails got some big attention when they headlined the Glastonbury festival’s first women-only stage. 

 “DIY is about feeling self-confident and self-sufficient as a woman,” says lead vocalist Janey. “Capitalist patriarchy tries to crush us from the inside, so the affirmations at the end of the song (‘You are good enough, you are strong enough, you are smart enough’) are really important, radical things to say to yourself when the world usually makes you feel the opposite.”

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by Sarah Mirk
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Sarah Mirk is the former host of Bitch Media’s podcast Popaganda. She’s interested in gender, history, comics, and talking to strangers. You can follow her on Twitter

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