New Music Monday: Foxtails Brigade's “I'm Not Really In The Christmas Mood”

Every Monday, we feature new music from female-fronted bands. Today, we’re debuting a video from Foxtails Brigade

Singer, guitarist and songwriter Laura Weinbach fronts orchestral indie band Foxtails Brigade. The band just signed to a label in 2015 and their first LP isn’t due out until March of next year, but the moody song “I’m Not Really in the Christmas Mood” is a nice counter-point to all the upbeat holiday tunes that deluge us this time of year. “In the several years since I originally wrote this song, I’ve genuinely tried to stay light and see the bright side of things,” says Weinbach. “But sadly the holidays remain a painful reminder of unreconciled differences and distant separation. For anyone whose holiday spirit has been shadowed by loss or division, I once again offer to you this song.”

Holidays can be a hard and sad and stressful time—hopefully this song and video will resonate. 

by Sarah Mirk
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Sarah Mirk is the former host of Bitch Media’s podcast Popaganda. She’s interested in gender, history, comics, and talking to strangers. You can follow her on Twitter

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