New Music Monday: HOMME

Every Monday, we highlight new music from female-fronted bands. Today we’re excited to debut a new video from HOMME. 

Sima Cunningham and Macie Stewart (of Marrow & Kids These Days) found each other in the Chicago music scene and formed HOMME in 2014, sharing a love for folk and avant-garde rock. The band released a self-titled EP last fall, featuring six tracks that swell between lush quiet arrangements to buzzing echoes. In the track “Woman,” sparse, rythmic vibes are beautifully woven with their layered vocals. The song is punctuated perfectly with the crash of cymbals and the urgency in their voices and screechy guitars. According to the band, the song takes inspiration from the aesthetic of TV shows such as Twin Peaks to the ’90s grunge of Nirvana. “It was written while on the road, so there is a sense of loneliness and longing along with a feeling of claustrophobia that permeates the song itself.”

We’re excited to premiere HOMME’s mesmerizing video for “Woman” from their self-titled EP

by Amy Lam
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