New Music Monday: The Singer and The Songwriter

We highlight new music from female-fronted bands every Monday. This week, we’re excited to check out the latest beautifully mellow sounds of The Singer and The Songwriter

Rachel Garcia and Thu Tran make up this Los Angeles-based duo, whose jazz-influenced folk songs feel like an intimate conversation between two old souls. Their latest, Ballads for Trying Times EP, follows their full-length debut album What a Difference a Melody Makes (2014). ”Ballads reflects the sobering feeling that comes after arriving at that destination—disheartenment, vulnerability, disquiet,” they said. This new EP provided the opportunity for Garcia and Tran to create a “more sonic space for reflection and a more contemplative mood, while retaining our ever-present love for melody and song craft.” While the songs explore disenchantment, Garcia’s rich, warm voice wraps around you like the softest quilt and Tran’s subdued guitar shines at all the right moments, creating somber tracks that are more than palatable and neccessary. In the song, “My Favorite Person,” the melancholy shines with lyrics like, “You are my favorite person to be angry with, to feel lonely with.” 

Ballads for Trying Times was recently released and you can stream it below!

by Amy Lam
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