On Our Radar—Feminist News RoundupThe EPA Is Making Water Unsafe

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• The Senate Intel Committee is finally getting their hands on former FBI director James Comey’s juicy memos. [Politico]

• Over 40 people were arrested while protesting the Senate’s terrible healthcare bill on Capitol Hill. You can’t stop suppress our first amendment rights 45. [NBC News]

• An oral history of Playgirl’s rise and fall is a must read. [Esquire]

Misgendering trans people when they die is the ultimate disrespect, but it’s painfully still happening. [Teen Vogue]

• The “adultification” of young Black girls makes them more vulnerable and less likely to be nurtured, comforted, and protected. [Slate]

• The Environmental Protection Agency is rolling back the federal clean water rule, which will water unsafe for a third of Americans. [The Guardian]

• Want to fight against the AHCA but don’t know what to say? Trumpcare Ten is providing easy-to-follow daily phone scripts to make calling your senators a breeze

• You’ll need tissues for this one. The Bitch Crew offers sentimental memories to celebrate the 20 anniversary of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. [Bitch HQ]

• Two Spirits Natives are leading the fight to make Pride more inclusive. [Jen Deerinwater]

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