Order Comments from Readers Are The Best!

During our 20th anniversary subscription campaign, readers left some amazing comments when placing an order. The energy! The love! We just had to share. Here they are, largely unedited. Hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

Hoping I'm one of the 500 who gets a sweet Crest Pin! :-D

Thank you for all that you do.

“Buttons, buttons, buttons! I am a 38-year-old woman and I think this is your best ever promotion. ;)

I especially appreciate that it's also available to your Canadian subscribers.”

I hope to intern with you this summer!!!! :)


Thank you for all the awesome work you do at Bitch! xoxo

I cannot quantify how much Bitch has informed and improved my life. I am a huge fan of the magazine and the podcasts. Sarah Mirk and Amy Lam inform and entertain, adding the voice of reason to the bleakest of subjects, and yet finding great wealth to celebrate. May long Bitch continue in all its manifesrations.

Thanks for doing what y'all do!”

I adore your magazine, just wanted to say thanks for all the kick-ass content!

I listen to Popaganda and Backtalk obsessively and I think you're great! Thanks for being you!

“I love Bitch Media's content(!) and Popaganda is now my absolute favourite podcast. I've been really enjoying working my way though the archives. Amy and Sarah are just so spot on discussing important issues intelligently but also in a fun, accessible way.

And AD Kristin is super talented and extra lovely.

Great job, guys! :) xx”

Just wanted to send my love to Popaganda.

so excited!

You guys rock my world. Thanks for continuing to create an excellent magazine.

i love your podcasts! Every Saturday I wake up to Popaganda or Back Talk and I know it's gonna be a good day!

Popaganda is my favorite part of the week! Thank you for all that you do!

this gift subscription is in honor of our feminist friendship!

Call me nerdy, but I love your magazine! Not just to read, but I use it to make feminist buttons and collages as well! :)

Keep producing this fantastic magazine!

Love the podcast! You rock!

Subscribing after listening to Popaganda!

Thank you for doing you.

I LOVE the podcast! It feels like being with awesome friends, while I clean my home. I have a subscription to the magazine and love that as well. The website is great too! I love everything you amazing people do :) Thank you!

Never stop Bitching!

You guys kick ass!

Backtalk listener subscribing to magazine.

I'm subscribing because I listen to the podcast (backstory and popaganda) and I think I'll love the magazine. I also want to support the organization because I believe the issues and topics discussed are uber important and I want to be educated by the best possible sources that are also fun and relatable. THANK YOU!

Keep Bitchin'!

Keep up the great work, guys! I'm excited to share Bitch with my family!

Loved your latest email (“Be sure to leave a comment too!”) with the quotes. It really motivated me to keep my subscription going and keep donating. Good one!

Thank you and looking forward to it!

Thank you so much for the important work you're doing! A friend gifted me with a subscription to your magazine last year and now I don't want to be without it. Whenever my mom comes over she ends up browsing through the latest issue and she said your magazine is opening her eyes to issues she never knew existed. I work for a small non-profit and make a low hourly wage, but I truly feel like your organization is one worth supporting and I will continue to do so, even if it's a few bucks at a time. Thank you again. Good stuff! Wishing you all the best and of course lots of fun!

Hello there! I initially found out about bitchmedia through instagram and have been a fan ever since!

A gift for my daughter - to be shared with my granddaughter as she sees fit.

I love Bitch!

I read your magazine years ago, and even own Bitchfest. Now I'm a mom in my late thirties- and so ready to subscribe again. Thanks for sticking around all these years!

I'm excited to read Bitch! I need more feminist mags in my life to balance out the horseshit that bombards women all day in the media.


Keep up the good work!


Wish I could do more to help! LOVE the podcast. I'm an interdisciplinary student (looking at the intersection of identity and consumption) and all your work has been personally and academically so _useful_: it motivates, energizes, and challenges me to push on, however tired, stressed, or frustrated I get. Thank you for everything!

Happy to support in a time of extra need. Been meaning to subscribe for a while!

I love Popaganda/Backtalk!

Thanks for doing what you do! I'm a recent college grad without a lot of money, and my budgeting philosophy is rooted firmly in “Don't buy things,” but Bitch is something I can feel good about supporting. :)

Thanks! Can't wait to rep my new buttons in Vancouver, BC!

You do great work. I hope you raise enough money!

Hope this goes a little way to helping your target, you do amazing work. I wish we had something like this in the UK (maybe I need to sort that out!). Go independent feminist media!! Woop!

Love ya!

Love you guys. Good luck with your fundraiser + keep up the great work! xo


You ROCK!!

I have been listening to and loving Popaganda for a while. I always learn something and have really appreciated the viewpoints to which you give a voice! Keep up the good work.

thanks for your badass selves!

This is a SURPRISE BIRTHDAY gift subscription for my daughter.

I love, love, LOVE this magazine!

Re: Andi signing “Feminism and Pop Culture” - this is a gift for my mom, who was never preaching about 'feminism', but has been kicking butt in higher ed, under gross misogynists for forever. AND has also been totally supportive of my feminist awakening, and I just really admire her. So anything you feel comfortable adding as a personal message to a kick butt lady would be great, but no pressure. Thank you, excited to have some disposable income to finally support Bitch!

Thanks for the cool buttons!

Extending this existing gift subscription, actually doubling down before it's finished it's run to support the 20th “reach” subscriber campaign.

Good luck on hitting the funding goal!! And thanks for persuading me to subscribe. ;)

I love Popaganda and Backtalk!

Keep it going.

Keep up the awesome work!

Keep up the great work! I really enjoy not only the literature that Bitch produces, but also the podcasts. I listen to them on my daily walk to and from work.

Love Bitch and Popaganda!

Love the mag, love the podcast!

Loving the podcast and the updates to the website. Thanks for providing an independent and critical voice when needed, and great recommendations for pop culture that is getting something right.


Much Gratitude to y'all

Really loving your podcast right now. It lead me back to the print mag:) Thank you so much!

Thank you for continuing the fight.

Thanks for weighing in online about Hilary Clinton. I'm not sure if this was in response to my online feedback or just coincidental timing but either way - I can always count on Bitch to nail it with smart analysis!

Thanks SO MUCH for all the important work you guys do. :)

Don't stop.


Go, Bitch, go! Hope you make it to your goal today.

Go, bitches!

Good luck on meeting your goal!

I love Popaganda and Back Talk! Thanks for all the great work.

I've been away too long. Best of luck!

I've only ever received the Bitch newsletter - this was a great opportunity to see it in print. Congrats on all your amazing hard work - I hope you make target!!

Keep rocking, ladies!

Love you all thank you!

Thank you so much for the work you do

Loved visiting with staff at the Bitch Media office on Friday. Keep up the good work!

Popaganda and BackTalk make me actually look forward to my commute sometimes. Sarah Mirk and Amy Lam, y'all are lighting up a section of road and one human brain in southern New England every week.

Thank you for everything that you produce! From the print magazine, to the podcast, to the posts on the website, I appreciate all of your hard work. You inspire me to share my own feminist voice with others. Much feminist love, always!

Thank you for existing!

Thank you for your work!

Thanks for all you do.

Thanks for being awesome!

Thanks for producing consistently awesome content for 20 years.

We can be feminist siblings together and read and learn all the things

WOMEN RULE! Stay 'bitchy' loves!

You are all amazing glorious unicorns! Thank you for your hard work!

You ladies ROCK!!

Best of luck!

Bitch, I love you. Happy 20th anniversary!

Really enjoying your podcasts.

Thanks for being such a great organization!

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