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On Our Radar: September 12th

This piece on compulsory femininity and how “masculine-looking girls in film and television have been a problem to be solved — or at worst, queer monsters to be vanquished” is fascinating! [Buzzfeed]

• Same for this piece about reading bored, suburban white-girl narratives. [Hazlit]

Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri went to a Beyoncé show and tweeted in the best way about it.

• A CBC News interview was cut short when a reporter asked Nate Parker about sexual assault charges. [The Cut]

• Why images of Black joy matter. [The Establishment]

• Bitch cofounder Andi Zeisler on the bitch America needs. [The New York Times]

Here’s what we published yesterday at Bitch!

Katie Presley’s first post as our incoming and inaugural Music Editor could only ever be this one.

• Ever since she started writing and posting photos of her practice, Jessamyn Stanley has been challenging mainstream yoga culture in the United States to be more inclusive and building a clear image of what it means to be body positive.

A certain eagerness for memoir exists because the publishing industry does more than sell books—it sells writers.

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