On Our Radar—Feminist News Roundup4th of July Recap

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• Some folks are using the holiday festivities to give their senators an earful. [The Washington Post]

• How can the U.S. celebrate freedom on July 4th when so many of its citizens remain disenfranchised? [Salon]

• NPR tweeted the Declaration of Independence and Trump supporters just keep proving our point for us. [Buzzfeed]

Can the answer to accessible reproductive care be a truck? [Rewire]

• After a year and a half, designers have developed the world’s first genderless emoji. [Wired]

Want to talk to your elected representatives face-to-face? The Town Hall Project can show you how. [Town Hall Project]

• Trump’s fraud commission wants all your personal information, make sure your state tells him no. [Color of Change]

• Belle Boggs handles infertility through a nuanced and empathetic lens that’s attuned to issues of social justice. [Rebecca Koon]

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