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• “The L Word” could be coming back to television. [Variety]

• WOC astronomers face more harassment than any other group in the field. [Colorlines]

• Betsy DeVos plans to meet with Men’s Rights groups. [Broadly]

• A woman’s account of abuse is rarely taken seriously, even when that woman is Sylvia Plath. [Lit Hub]

• Stunt coordinators ask Hollywood to confront its obsession with rape scenes. [LA Weekly]

• People with disabilities are less likely to receive routine medical care. A possible solution? Recruit more doctors with disabilities. [The New York Times]

• Have you talked to your representatives yet? The Town Hall Project can show you how to get face time with your elected officials. [Town Hall Project]

Let’s talk about casual sex. [adrienne maree brown]

• A series of murders went ignored for 25 years because the victims were sex workers. [Evette Dionne]

• Brazilian all-female death/thrash metal band, Vocífera, is a celebration of metal as pure alchemy. [Mina Tavakoli]

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