On Our Radar—Feminist News RoundupHis Own Props, His Own Amen chorus, and His Own Facts

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• Read 10 Black college women respond to Obama’s farewell address. [Teen Vogue]

• Anna Yocca, the Tennessee woman accused of using a coat hanger to try to terminate her pregnancy, pleaded guilty to attempted procurement of a miscarriage—a class E felony in Tennessee—and was released from custody with time served. [Rewire]

• Hear from the sexual assault survivor who testified against Jeff Sessions. [Colorlines]

• We’re only days into 2017 and three trans people have already been murdered. [Feministing]

• Is the news media prepared for a norm-breaking president who brings his own props, his own amen chorus, and his own facts? [The New York Times]

Have Valentine’s Day with Idris Elba for a good cause? Sure, twist our arms.

• In this political environment, we cannot afford to mistake nice liberal speeches for the radicalism needed to fight the dismantling of democracy and human decency.

Johnson, Vaughn, and Jackson’s experiences at NASA fifty years ago will seem familiar to any woman today who finds she has to be the smartest person in the room in order to advance.

Jeff Sessions’s strategy at his confirmation hearing was to approach every question with a nice voice and a smile, praise for his questioners, careful phrasing, and a conveniently foggy memory.

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