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On Our Radar: September 14th

• LOL, of course Trump’s childcare and maternity leave policy bears no resemblance to his actual treatment of and statements about women. [Quartz]

• A California court system is working to address the challenges facing women veterans after sexual trauma. [The Atlantic] 

• Two University of Richmond students have accused the school of mishandling their sexual assault complaints. [Mic]

Samantha Bee isn’t happy with Matt Lauer’s presidential moderating—neither are we. [Flavorwire]

• The Queen of Cultural Appropriation, Gwen Stefani, has a new culturally-appropriative Nickelodeon TV show called Kuu Kuu Harajuku. How great. [The Mary Sue]

What is women’s writing? [The Guardian]

Canada’s national inquiry into thousands of missing and murdered indigenous women begins this month. [Indian Country Today]

Here’s what we published yesterday at Bitch!

• “When I returned to school, my guidance counselor refused to help me apply for college. Her assumption was that because, statistically, girls like me are less likely to graduate high school, it would be a waste of her time.”

In this Oh Joy Sex Toy: An informative, intimate comic about an often-misunderstood condition of vulva pain.

• A reader Ask(s) Bear: I think my friend is in a downward spiral. How do I help her?

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