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• A judge just ruled that the 2005 deposition of Bill Cosby — in which Cosby admits, on the record, to obtaining drugs with the intent of giving them to women he wanted to have sex with — can be used in the criminal case against him. [ThinkProgress]

• An Elector explains why he won’t be casting his vote for Donald Trump. [The New York Times]

Beyoncé is the most nominated female artist in Grammy history, but are you surprised? Congrats to the Queen! [Complex]

• Texas’s newest version of the pamphlet that abortion providers are legally required to give to their patients is full of lies. [The Cut]

• Solange talks about the microaggressions that inspired A Seat at the Table. [Colorlines]

• How white supremacist hatred drives acts of violence against powerful women. [Salon]

• This short animated documentary, “Flying While Fat,” presents the voices of fat passengers as they explain the challenges of fitting into spaces that exclude them both socially and materially.

• Donate to the Trans Assistance Project.


Tell the Senate to block Trump’s cabinet of horrors.

• If UBC’s handling of Galloway’s case shows a lack of transparency, it has at least made one thing very, very clear: Our literary heroes do not always stand up to scrutiny in the times when we need them the most.

Bitch magazine’s first regular writer on what feminism’s future looks like from where she stands.

• What should the big benchmarks for feminism be?

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