On Our Radar—Feminist News RoundupMy President was Black

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• Wow: 1 in 25 Americans have faced or been threatened with revenge porn. [The Washington Post]

• In 2016, social media helped survivors talk about sexual assault. [The Cut]

Ta-Nehisi Coates’s history of the first African American White House is SO GOOD. [The Atlantic]

• WTF: An anti-choice law passed this year in Oklahoma dictates that anti-abortion propaganda must be displayed in bathrooms in public schools, health-care centers (hospitals and nursing homes), and even restaurants by January 2018. [Complex]

• Amber Heard wrote a letter about what domestic abuse survivors face after they come forward. [The Huffington Post]

• Marking the anniversary of the 2012 Delhi rape and the movement it launched. [Feministing]

This is what atrocity looks like. [Jezebel]

• Listen to the recording of this corporate meeting about the Dakota Access Pipeline.

• Give to the great Feminist Frequency.

• Check out Rewire’s Religious Imposition Legislative Tracker.

• Former Bitch intern and writing contributor Sara Reihani is a reminder of how crucial humor is to the work of feminist response to pop culture.

• Members of the Satanic Temple don’t believe in a literal Satan, but instead see Satan as a symbol of personal sovereignty and rebellion in opposition to arbitrary authority.

• Nativity scenes? Meh, I’ll pass.

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