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On Our Radar: October 10th

Wow that was quite a weekend.

Writer, director, and actor Amber Tamblyn wrote about being sexually assaulted in response to the video of Donald Trump joking about sexual assault. [The Cut]

• “We all know these guys, and we just hope we’re not married to them, or related to them, or working for them. We just hope they’re not doing it to us.” [The Daily Beast]

• There is no perfect, right, correct way for a survivor of rape to behave. [Son of Baldwin]

• Lindy West on rape culture’s blathering id: Donald Trump. [The New York Times]

From Bitch contributor Katherine Cross: What’s the real reason conservatives have finally turned against Trump? [The Establishment]

Here’s what we published yesterday at Bitch!

• With the American election upon us and Canadian Thanksgiving in a few days, it’s a fine time to celebrate our friends to the north with a new BitchTape.

The new film American Honey written and directed by Andrea Arnold explores an American reality that’s rarely seen onscreen.

• Set in the South Bronx in 1977, The Get Down is about teens who want to make the most of their lives in the disco era.

• After Kim Kardashian was robbed, some people are blaming her for the crime.

• In this Backtalk: A white writer dished out advice on cultural appropriation while wearing a tiny sombrero? Hmm…

Busting myths about Indigenous women.

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