On Our Radar—Feminist News RoundupSo Lonely

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• Rebecca Solnit on the loneliness of Donald Trump. [Literary Hub]

The Americans With Disabilities Act is under attack in Congress. [Rewire]

• This piece on Athena, Hestia, and asexuality on Mount Olympus is very cool. [Autostraddle]

The Cleveland Police Department fired Timothy Loehmann—but not for killing Tamir Rice. [Colorlines]

A Texas Republican called ICE on protestors. [Remezcla]

• Congress is home for recess! Check out this toolkit about how to best pressure your lawmakers during recess. [UltraViolet]

Everything, Everything proves that teen romance movies don’t have to revolve around whiteness. [Vanessa Willoughby]

• Alexis Shotwell’s recent book, Against Purity: Living Ethically in Compromised Times, urges us to think productively about engaging not with our ideal world but with the one we actually live in with real implications for conversations about free speech, safe spaces, coalition organizing across racial lines, and confronting an irreversibly altered planet. [Dr. Chanda Prescod-Weinstein]

The Crunk Feminist Collection operates as a guidebook for navigating how to care for yourself, your sisters, and the world. More or less in that order. [Joshunda Sanders]

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