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Apple just lost its star Black executive. [ThinkProgress]

On belief and The Leftovers. [LitHub]

• How to talk to your white best friend about racism. [The Establishment]

• Trump is turning children into racist jerks. [Buzzfeed]

An eight-year-old girl’s soccer team was disqualified because organizers thought she “looked like a boy.” [Remezcla]

• “If you look at the difference between Teen Vogue and Vogue, the natural progression from Teen Vogue is not to Vogueit’s to Bitch.” [Slate]

• How Democrats are planning to counter Team Trump’s anti-choice lies. [Rewire]

• 5 quick tips for finding and keeping activist volunteers. [Autostraddle]

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt proves that abuse and manipulation aren’t one-time offenses. [Evette Dionne]

Wonder Woman feels like a movie directed by two people when the shores of Themyscira fade into the horizon and the action shifts to the dark, depressing world of man. [Kendra James]

What is a hookup, anyway? That’s exactly where Lisa Wade comes in with her new book, American Hookup: The New Culture of Sex on Campus. [Ana Valens]

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