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• The co-founders of the Black Lives Matter organization are teaming launching their first big project of 2017. Backing Black Business is designed to galvanize small, black-owned businesses throughout the U.S. [Fusion]

This op-ed from a minimum wage activist in coal country is terrific. [The Washington Post]

Well this can’t be good: Donald Trump’s transition team has asked the State Department for details on programs aimed at benefiting women around the world—and the staff who worked on them. [The Los Angeles Times]

• How two investigations into Minnesota’s sexual-assault scandal reached two very different conclusions. [Deadspins]

The state of affairs for women in animation isn’t great. [Fusion]

• Support the Women’s March on Washington.

Libraries are radical, evolving resources that function with the sole purpose of providing free access to information for the masses and creating intellectual equality.

• In this Popaganda, we look into patterns of dismissing, demeaning, and disbelieving women’s pain.

• When we compound the realities of women’s disproportionate risks during disasters and Black people’s disproportionate environmental challenges, we can see how misogynoir functions in times of eco-crises.

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