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On Our Radar: September 19th

• NPR live-blogged and kept track of all the wins at the Emmys last night. [NPR]

• Leslie Jones spoke out about online abuse at the Emmys! [The Cut]

• On the press tour for Birth of a Nation, dealing with the injustices of rape and sexual assault seems to be falling to Gabrielle Union—not Nate Parker. [Buzzfeed]

• “As women, we live in a society that privileges men. It’s a patriarchal society, and then you live in this anti-Mexican environment. So those two things combined, how do you make sense of your life when you look at your body and you know you’re a Mexican and a girl?” [Colorlines]

Stories of sexual abuse and exploitation are coming out of the nation’s largest marijuana-growing industry in California. [Reveal]

Here’s what we published yesterday at Bitch!

• New BitchTape! Walls are not the future, y’all. A globe full of people grooving to Krudas Cubensi is the future.

• Kids of this generation get a bad rap but we’re working to make a better future together.

Jill Stein spray-painted a bulldozer covered in words of protest with “I approve this message.”

• New Popaganda! The United States imprisons more people than any other country in the world. But we hardly ever hear real-life stories of incarceration in our pop culture.

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