On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

Here's all the news on our radar today: 

• It's often hard to tell complex stories with simplicity. But this story by Mashable proves otherwise: Here’s an incredibly well-told animated story about Syrian crisis. [Mashable]

• Could you run a marathon without wearing a tampon while menstruating? Kiran Gandhi, an Indian woman, ran close to 26 miles to raise awareness around menstrual taboos at the London Marathon. [DNAIndia]

• A 27-year-old Afghan woman named Roya Mahboob is co-founding a nonprofit, Digital Citizen Fund, that aims to make Afghan women and girls digitally literate. [Vice/Broadly]

• “Success is not a sign of virtue. It’s mostly a sign that your grandparents did well.” Read Nicholas Kristoff’s piece on how affluence and racial disparities are affecting the poor and widening the gap further.  [NYT]

• Did you know that there is a woman behind the making of those Apple and Samsung touchscreens? Read the story of Zhou Qunfei, 45, founder of Lens Technologies, who was once a factory worker and now is world’s most successful self-made billionaire. [Inc.]

• Reporter Whitney Curtis who covered Ferguson for The New York Times since the day Michael Brown was shot and killed by a local police officer a year ago. On the anniversary of his death, she revisited Ferguson to document what has changed. [NYT’s Lens]

•“The people who have been in the margins are now moving into the mainstream.” Jose Antonio Varghas wonderfully introduces us to Emerging US in this video. Check it out! [Emerging US]

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