On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

• Obama's final State of the Union last night was full of pointed remarks. Here's a powerful one: “When politicians insult Muslims, that doesn’t make us safer. That’s not … 'telling it like it is,' it’s just wrong.” [AlJazeera] 

• After paying a good deal of attention to the prison system last summer, how come the president almost completely failed to mention criminal justice reform in his State of the Union? [Slate]

• In a recent video, Youtuber Matthew Santoro details an abusive past relationship—and highlights the silence surrounding men’s stories of abuse and trauma. “It’s something that men never talk about, because we’re made to believe that we’re supposed to be strong.” [Daily Dot]

• In light of Planned Parenthood’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton, an open letter to the organization’s leadership explains why to endorse Clinton is to endorse her “non-intersectional approach to women’s lives.” [The Feminist Wire]

• When Ciara sang the national anthem at the 2016 College Football national championship on Monday, internet critics focused on her dress rather than her voice, telling her to “cover up” because the “kids are watching.” This is the same woman who, just a few months ago, faced constant mocking after saying that she and her boyfriend were practicing abstinence. Apparently, you can’t win—especially if you’re a woman. [The Washington Post]

• At last, Bernie lifts his silence on issues of sexuality and sexual assault, saying that the U.S. should have a serious national discussion about sexuality,” that he opposes abstinence-only sex education, and that “rape must be persecuted” on college campuses. [CNN]

• A sociologist’s first book, On the Run, about the lives of young black men in a mixed-income neighborhood in West Philadelphia sparks controversy: Who gets to write about whom—especially when it’s an expensively educated white woman writing about the lives of poor black men? [The NY Times]

by Katherine Marrone
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Katherine Marrone is interested in gender, sex education, and sexual politics. Follow her on Twitter at @kmarrone1.

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