On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

Here's what we're reading today: 

• As the Oxford Dictionary is criticized for its sexist definitions—linking the word “rabid” with the word “feminist,” for instance—here are eight other words that still reveal sexism in the English language. [The Guardian]

• Here's a powerful look at what occupies American citizen’s minds as the 2016 elections approach—including a young woman who insists that the future POTUS considers sexual assault and domestic violence as “equal-rights issues.” “Politicians talk about it when it’s trending in the news. And then they move on… They can’t be an equally successful parent if they are afraid of their partner. They can’t be successful at their job if they’re having PTSD. All of these boil down to an equal-rights issue.” [NY Times]

• After the weekend’s snowfall on the East Coast, Alaskan Senator Lisa Murkowski walked into work and saw only women—meaning that, on Tuesday, women made up 100 percent of the Senate. “We came in this morning and looked around and thought, 'Something is different this morning,' — different in a good way, I might add,” said Murkowski. [Mic]

• We’ve come a long way from Disney princesses of the early years: soft-spoken, beautiful, submissive characters always waiting for their prince. But new research reveals a disturbing trend among Disney female characters today: Even when they have the starring role, female characters speak less than male characters— meaning female characters speak far less than they did in the films of the 1930s and ’50s. [Quartz]

• Here’s a look at Hillary Clinton's policy proposals on issues that are important to the Black community. You can find how Bernie Sander stands on the issues here, and, if you so dare, Trump. [The Root]

• What does it mean to be a Muslim girl in America today? Here are eight things to expect—including cultural appropriation and innappropriate questions about your hijab. [Muslim Girl]

by Katherine Marrone
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Katherine Marrone is interested in gender, sex education, and sexual politics. Follow her on Twitter at @kmarrone1.

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