On Our Radar: Feminist News RoundUp

Happy Tuesday, folks! Here's what's on my radar today:

• Presidential hopeful and New Jersey Governor Chris Christi said at a recent New Hampshire conference that immigrants should be tracked like FedEx packages. Right! [Colorlines]

• In other inane commentary of the day, James Bond author Anthony Horowitz says actor Idris Elba is a “a bit too 'street' to play Bond.” What?! Did you even seen Idris Elba on the cover of Vanity Fair? [The Verge] 

• Women in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia will be able to vote for the first time in December this year (but the driving ban still persists). Also, so far only 16 women have registered to vote.  [Vice]

• Since U.N.’s inception, we have had eight male U.N. Secretaries-General. A group of women are campaigning for a female U.N. Secretary General after Ban-Ki-moon completes his term in 2016.  The organization has compiled a list of “outstanding” female candidates. Check out the list here. [New York Times and Womansg.org]

• An undocumented South Korean activist, Jon-Min You, talks about issues with Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program and how lack of undocumented Asian voices in the movement is hurting them. According to the Migration Policy Institute, since the launch of the DACA program in 2012, only 21 percent of eligible Asians have applied, compared to 77 percent of Latin Americans. [The Guardian]

• “Armpit hair, body fluids and periods are proudly showcased on their feeds, revealing the female body as we rarely see it.” Five women artists—Rupi Kaur, Molly Soda, Arvida Byström, Saerah Lee, and Alexanda Marzella—are countering the social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook's policies of banning photos that show menstrual blood and nipples.  [Dazed Digital]

• Can body-cams help provide answers for police’s brutal acts? Only time will tell whether a camera will help show violent incidents as they occur. L.A. Police will be the first patrol division to make use of the body cameras that will “enhance accountability” and “build trust in law enforcement.” [Yahoo News]

• If you think that Indigenous voices need to be heard first-hand, then consider supporting the Indigenous Reporting Fund. The fund is managed by two indigenous women editors, Leena Minifie and Nahka Bertrand and will shine light on underreported indigenous stories. [Kickstarter]

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