On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

Let's get another week started off right!

Shamsia Hassani uses the walls of abandoned buildings damaged from bombs in Afghanistan to paint gorgeous murals. [Los Angeles Times]

• What neurodiversity means for feminism. [Everyday Feminism]

• There’s a hidden demand for self-induced abortions concentrated in the areas where it is most difficult to get an abortion in the United States—and no surprise, it’s closely tracked to the recent state-level crackdowns on abortion. [The New York Times]

A civil rights lawsuit is underway at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville where eight college women say they were victimized by some of the school's highest-profile athletes and that the institution improperly handles women's sexual-assault cases and condones an athletic culture that encourages underage drinking, drug use, and sexual violence. [Mother Jones]

• This probably isn’t a surprise, but of this year’s 353 abortion-restriction bills, 70 percent are based on lies. [Slate]

• Last night, Flint was front and center at the Democratic debate. [The Atlantic]


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