On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

Good morning! Here’s what is on our radar this morning:

• We’ve had some good laughs at the ridiculousness that is Donald Trump, but c’mon: MSNBC gives Trump more airtime than any other major news network, and we need to start taking the horrifying reality of Trump's politics more seriously. [US Uncut, The Daily Beast]

• Fox News reporter Elisabeth Hasselbeck thinks #BlackLivesMatter needs to be labeled as a hate group. [The Wrap]

• Remember the 9-year-old kid who, in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, captured reporters’ attention and gave real talk to the entire nation? She has since come out as transgender and is back living in New Orleans. [Daily News]

• In the face of the refugee crisis in Syria, Iceland declared that it would accept 50 refugees. That’s right: 50. In response to this trivial offer, over 10,000 Icelanders posted to a Facebook page offering up their homes and assistance to fleeing Syrians. [Slate]

• Food waste activist Adam Smith hopes to decrease world hunger by decreasing our collective fear of food and strict devotion to expiration dates rather than to common sense. Sounds good to me! [Good]

• Ellen DeGeneres has premiered a new clothing line with Gap Kids for girls with all different interests and styles—plus the promo videos contain a Le Tigre song and highlights girls with totally rad hobbies like skateboarding, drumming, and building robotic hands. Love it! [Autostraddle]

What are you reading today? Let us know down below!

by Grace Manger
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Grace Manger is Bitch’s New Media intern and a recent graduate of Kalamazoo College. She likes writing letters, trampolines, the Internet, and fractals. Follow her on Twitter @gracemanger.

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