On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

Here's to another week—happy Monday!

A judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed by Paul Nungesser that alleged that Columbia University discriminated against him by allowing Emma Sulkowicz to carry her mattress around campus as part of her senior thesis project. [Columbia Spectator]

Gender stereotypes and sexism are everywhere—even in the world of a four-year-old. [Jezebel]

• The Navajo Nation Human Rights Commission has filed a federal voting-rights lawsuit alleging that San Juan County, Utah’s switch to mail-in ballots makes it hard for tribal members to vote. [In These Times]

• Here's a moving essay about trauma and male entitlement. [Medium]

• Deep thoughts on emojis and feminism. [New York Times] 

Franchesca Ramsey is wishing you a happy Women’s History Month. [The Nightly Show]

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