On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

Happy Tuesday!

• Can religion help explain the gender wage gap? Turns out the answer is yes. [New York Magazine]

• And here’s a creative idea that might help close tech’s gender gap—librarians! [ThinkProgress]

• Read this personal essay about what it’s like to be non-binary and first-generation. [The Establishment]

• As a form of protest against new abortion legislation in Indiana, folks are calling the governor and letting him know how their periods are going. [Refinery 29]

• Ugh—Missouri Republicans are trying to hold a Planned Parenthood official in contempt of the Senate. [AP]  

Here's what we published yesterday at Bitch!

• Stream the latest EP from the jazz-influenced folk duo The Singer and The Songwriter.

• Our 2016 Technology Writing Fellow explains how even our most “intelligently” designed algorithms are pretty ignorant.

• Over the weekend, Kesha said she refused to retract her statements against Dr. Luke in exchange for her freedom—here's what's happened in the case so far.

• In our upcoming money issue, we want to share readers’ personal experiences with the sharing economy—tell us your thoughts!

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