On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

Happy Monday–have a great week!

• If you don’t already know her, be prepared to be blown away by Ma Rainey—a queer Black woman who reinvented the blues. [Atlas Obscura]

• Last week, the House GOP blocked an amendment that would allow service members from receiving on-site abortion care. [Rewire]

• Pads and tampons have made political headlines in every single month of this year—now ending the tampon tax has gone viral. [New York Magazine]  

• The NCAA just approved a policy requiring any city or state that wants to host a championship game to have trans-inclusive nondiscrimination ordinances in place! [Advocate]

• Today in totally ridiculous: A Michigan middle school art teacher was fired for saying the word “vagina.” [Huffington Post]


Here's what we published yesterday at Bitch!

• In this BitchTapes, songs from Seattle musicians calling out gentrification in their neighborhoods, curated by Emily Nokes of Tacocat!

• Amazing! Elisabeth Moss will star in The Handmaid's Tale mini-series!

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