On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

Here’s what I’ve been reading today!

Read “Home,” a poem by Kenyan-born Somali poet Warsan Shire about the reality of that immigrants and refugees face. [Seekers Hub]

Many survivors of the sex trafficking industry carry countless scars, including tattoos forced upon them. That’s why Jennifer Kempton, a survivor herself, started Survivor’s Ink, which raises money for survivors to cover up their tattoos and reclaim their bodies as their own. [The Guardian, Survivors Ink]

• A San Francisco elementary school started the year by introducing gender-neutral bathrooms. [Huffington Post: Gay Voices]

• A Los Angeles moving company is partnering with a domestic violence nonprofit to help women move out of abusive homes free of charge. [LA Weekly]

• Define “creepy.” Two psychologists set out to determine what creeps us out, finding that we are most likely creeped out by people (particularly men) who don’t follow certain social cues. [Academia, Sociological Images]

• A new study found that, actually, immigrant adolescents are “statistically less likely to use and sell drugs, fight, binge drink, or carry guns than U.S.-born adolescents.” [Colorlines]

• More and more schools are offering universal healthcare to their students through School-Based Health Centers. Some people are angry about this trend, because they give students access to birth control—including IUDs—without their parents’ consent. Why is that a problem, exactly? [The Atlantic]

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