On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

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• Melissa Silverstein on why she’s boycotting Woody Allen’s new film. [The Guardian]

• Well this is totally vile—Dr. Luke is trying to get Kesha’s medical records released. [Jezebel]

A federal investigation into sexist hiring practices in Hollywood is underway after the ACLU of Southern California and the ACLU Women’s Rights Project filed an official request. Here’s a terrible statistic from that request: Only 1.9 percent of directors of the top-grossing 100 films of 2013 and of 2014 were women. [ThinkProgress]

Maryland just signed “the nation’s most sweeping and comprehensive birth control access bill” into law! HB 1005 will require insurance plans regulated by the state to offer birth control with no out-of-pocket costs. Congratulations, Maryland! [Rewire]

• Our partners at worker cooperative Equal Exchange made this cool documentary about the women who grow, harvest, and sell their fair-trade coffee. [Equal Exchange]

Here's what we published yesterday at Bitch!

• The insidiousness of the Nice Guy™ is what Fox series Gotham gets so right in the character of Edward Nygma.

• In this Douchebag Decree, we wonder: Can a law be a douchebag? You bet it can!

• Designed to look like a retro math textbook, Math magazine is actually full of erotica.

• In this week’s Backtalk: When bell hooks writes—we read it—especially if it's about capitalism, art, race, and gender.

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