On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

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CBS passed on a Nancy Drew pilot because it was “too female,” which is too ridiculous for words. [The Mary Sue]

• Today is “Equal Pay Day” for moms, the day that marks how far into 2016 it takes for working moms’ pay to match the pay of working fathers. At 73 cents to the dollar, we’re at May 16th. [AAUW]

This exposé on Donald Trump’s behavior with women over the years is totally gross and fascinating. [The New York Times]

• We just wrapped up National Women’s Health Week, a week during which the Office on Women’s Health (a subset of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services) promotes awareness of women’s health issues. Is abortion on their list of 107 health topics? No. [The Establishment]  

West Point cleared the 16 Black women cadets who were being investigated for a photograph in which they raised their fists. [Colorlines]

Here's what we published yesterday at Bitch!

• In this BitchTape: a playlist celebrating Janet Jackson's big 5-0 today! Happy birthday!

• Over her forty years of writing, Ana Castillo has personified resilience. Now, she opens up in an interview about her new memoir.

• Our tech writing fellow dives into how social responsibilities of librarianship are critical tasks in an information society.

• A quick guide for those of us anxious to do something productive in the face of Trump's toxic campaign.

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