On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

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• Yesterday, a judge decided that there is enough evidence to proceed with a sexual assault trial against Bill Cosby in Pennsylvania. Cosby could face up to 10 years in prison. [The Guardian]

Across the Line is a seven-minute virtual reality film that puts the viewer in the shoes of a woman going to a Planned Parenthood clinic. All of the audio is from real anti-choice protestors, and it’s all especially scary when you consider that threats and violence against abortion providers and patients are at an all-time high. [Cosmopolitan]

• This week, the Senate passed the Sexual Assault Survivors' Rights Act with an amazing final vote of 89-0. The bill was inspired by the red-tape a 24-year-old rape survivor faced to preserve her rape kit and is the first federal law that will stipulate what basic services victims of sexual violence are entitled to. [ELLE]

• Good ol’ David Brooks wrote a piece titled “Why Is Clinton Disliked?” that did not include the word “woman” anywhere. Curious. [Jezebel]   

Not so fast, Ohio Republicans! [Rewire]

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Kiki documents current ballroom culture.

• What’s up with the 23% of American women who actually like Trump?

• In this Ask Bear, a reader's family disapproves of them no longer having a relationship with their dad. “You'll come around,” they say.

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