On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

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• Instead of just harassing patients outside of abortion clinics, new technology allows anti-choice groups to send their propaganda directly to the phones of people in clinic waiting rooms. [Rewire]

• This is a truly terrible headline: Every 10 seconds, someone on Twitter calls a woman a “slut” or “whore.” [The Washington Post]

• Maria Elena Salinas, a Univision anchor, was booed during her California State University, Fullerton commencement speech after she praised Hispanic students in the crowd, spoke briefly in Spanish, and made a critical reference to Trump. [The New York Times]

• When organizers of an Australian feminist event called “Feminism and Fat” tried to advertise the event on Facebook, Facebook rejected their advertisement because it “depicts a body or body part in an undesirable manner.” [ELLE]

• Ugh, new data proves that female-founded start-ups get much less venture-capital backing than start-ups founded by men. [The Cut]

Here's what we published yesterday at Bitch!

• Our tech writing fellow on the false assumption of inherent neutrality.

• “It’s not that I was ever a Beyoncé hater. It’s just that I held a grudge.”

A snarky tweet from presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein said Clinton doesn't “reflect the values of being a mother.”

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