On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

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Amandla Stenberg’s Q&A session with Rookie magazine’s readers is so great. [Rookie]

• The parents of a teenage girl who was sexually assaulted at St. Paul’s School in New Hampshire are suing the school for “fostering, permitting and condoning a tradition of ritualized statutory rape.” Owen Labrie was previously convicted of felony child luring and misdemeanor sexual assault and misdemeanor child endangerment of the girl during the school’s “Senior Salute,” an unofficial tradition in which senior boys compete to bed younger girls. [Jezebel]

• Another reason why language matters: When newspapers call women “mistresses” or “homewreckers,” they are making a value judgment. [The Guardian]

• Who’s talking the most about abortion on cable news? Oh, you know, just lying, anti-choice men. [Salon]  

The U.S. Soccer Federation says we should take their word for it that they had reasons to award $9 million to the men's team for making it to the second stage of the 2014 World Cup and only $2 million to the women's team for winning the entire competition in 2015, saying: “Any differences in the compensation paid MNT and WNT players are driven by factors other than gender.” Right, like what? [ELLE]

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Storm, Mystique, and Psylocke get the short shrift in X-Men: Apocalypse. What a waste!

• Alice Bag was just 19 when she became the frontperson for one of Los Angeles's most riotous punk acts. In this interview, she talks about L.A. punk, Latina feminism, and why she finally decided to release her very first solo album in 2016.

Tegan and Sara’s new album is the rarest of pop achievements: a breathtakingly intimate and vulnerable dance party.

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