On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

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• A new hashtag has sprung up in which women are recounting terrible and hilarious tongue-in-cheek anecdotes about being harassed on the street: #NoWomanEver. [The Mary Sue]

And in Mexico, thousands of women tweeted about #miprimeracoso—roughly #myfirstharassment. [The Establishment]

• These days it’s more important than ever to know our rights. Here are three vital things you need to know about reproductive rights. [Rewire]

An ex-Vanderbilt student and former football player was convicted of aggravated rape for egging on his teammates to rape an unconscious woman. This is the second time Brandon Vandenburg has been convicted of that crime—this was a retrial. [Jezebel]

• This is so great—new apps are helping women get birth control! [The New York Times]

Here's what we published yesterday at Bitch!

• In this BitchTape: a mixtape of odes to American cities, from Seattle to Wichita.

Welcome to Lisa Hanawalt’s land of talking dogs and poop jokes. Oh and also sincere, vulnerable feelings.

Grace and Frankie’s creators completely ignore the possibility that Robert and Sol could be sexually interested in both men and women.

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