On Our Radar: Feminist News Roundup

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• This slice of polyamorous Christian utopic history is fascinating. [Collectors Weekly]

Protestors attended the opening of a new wing at London's Tate Modern to protest the exclusion of artist Ana Mendieta's work. Mendieta was a Cuban American performance artist and sculptor who fell to her death from the 34th floor of her apartment in New York in 1985. Carl Andre, also an artist as well as her partner, was tried and acquitted of her murder, though many still believe he is guilty. Andre’s work was included in the show for the opening of the Tate’s new wing, while Mendieta’s was not. [Huck Magazine]

Yesterday was a wild and important day in Congress. [ThinkProgress]

• In the wake of Brock Turner’s sentence, California state legislators introduced a bill to ensure that anyone convicted of sexual assault will face time behind bars. [Buzzfeed]

• Are we surprised or not surprised? Millennial men are not as progressive as we’d hope. [The Mary Sue]

Here's what we published yesterday at Bitch!

The Heathen series follows queer warriors and brave demigods.

Kitten Forever’s new album’s raw, stripped-down aura is part of its appeal.

Tarzan has always been marketed to women on the basis of his sex appeal—but a sex appeal within careful societal boundaries shaped by race and class.

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